Material Plans

The whole project is being done on a budget of nothing so i will be responsible for finding some type of source for the materials.


Day 8- meeting up for approval

In order for my project to be a go, it must be approved by several people. The four people who must sign off on it are currently out of town or too busy to meet up with. So I will continue to work on filling out forms and planning sheets for the project.

Day 5 – Measurements

I begin to look at the foundation, there are bricks left from the old building before it fell over. Each little brick tile is about a foot 9 tiles high and 17 across. As I look at the bricks I notice that going across the 17th row of bricks are cut in half, making them 6 inchs. So leaving me with a foundation of 9′ x 16′ 1/2.

Day 3 – The Choice

As stated in my previous post, there are several projects to choose from. I have sat down today and did some math, ( seeing as the church is on a budget with their new building) and met with a few members on the board for BSA, and decided on a project. I will build the arbor by the lake. I have contacted Curtis and informed him that this is the project I would like to do.

Day 2 – After the meet up

After meeting up, we talked about several little projects that could be done. He was able to offer me several different projects. The projects he offered was,

1.Building a pavilion for a grill and a few picnic tables.


2.To work on some of the wood for the Easter pageant, which wouldn’t be a lot of work.


3.To build a little arbor by the lake. It will be used fo their camps that they do with the little kids out there.